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Busey Ag Services. Learn more.Our team routinely closes more than $20,000,000 in farmland sales every year.

Busey Farm Brokerage

Helping owners capitalize on the dramatic escalation in farmland values is at the core of our service offerings at Busey Farm Brokerage. With more than a decade in the farmland real estate business, our company is a full service farmland real estate brokerage firm serving Illinois with offices located in Champaign, Decatur and LeRoy.

At Busey Farm Brokerage, we can assist you with the sale or purchase of farm properties, market analysis and market studies. Our sales professionals will help to ensure that the prices are market-driven and realistic.

Why Choose Busey?

Experience. Our Farm Brokerage division is well established as a respected and successful real estate company specializing in the sale of Illinois farmland. Our licensed brokers and sales representatives offer over 75 years of combined experience selling farmland and helping owners maximize value on their real estate transactions.

Trust. Busey Farm Brokerage is a trusted name in the farmland real estate market. We have buyers and sellers who repeatedly entrust us to handle their transactions. With the dramatic escalation in the real estate market, you need a professional you can trust. We can help you capitalize on your current assets or purchase acres and put them to work for you.



Farm Property For Sale by Auction

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Owner County Township Section Acres Date
Townsend Farm Douglas Tuscola 21 40 +/- Nov 2
La Belle Farm Ford West Patton 21 80 +/- Nov 7


Commercial Farm Property For Sale

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Owner County Township Section Acres Price
Bruntjen Commercial Lot Macon Hickory Point 30 4.6 $975,000


Recreational Property For Sale

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Owner County Township Section Acres Price
Wildcat Creek Macon Whitmore, East Part 8, 9 & 16 330.57 $1,900,000




Farm Property For Sale

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Owner County Township Section Acres Price Per Acre
Cunningham Children's Home - Burwash Farm Vermillion Vance 26 & 27 140.0+/- $11,000
Graham Trust Farm Champaign Ludlow 11 73.5+/- $8,100

Graham Trust Farm

Sale Pending

Champaign Harwood 5 120+/- $8,900
Greene Estate Farm

Sale Pending

Logan Lake Fork 7 80.65 $9,600

Hampton Farm

Sale Pending

Logan Laenna 35 93.66 $10,900
Perry Kraft Farm Logan Laenna 23 40.0 $11,250
Perry Kraft Farm Logan Laenna 15 & 16 56.0 $11,250
Littrell Farm McLean Blue Mound 23 80.82 $10,000
Lupton Trust Farms

Sale Pending

Macon Mt. Zion 9 & 16 203.06 $11,189
Meriweather Trust Farms Macon Long Creek 19 & 24 120.51 $9,400
Niemeyer Farm - 2 Tracts Coles Humboldt 21 & 22 127.29 $10,531
Odle Family Farm McLean & DeWitt Funks Grove & Waynesville 11 & 14 240 +/- $7,083
Soo Farm Champaign Sidney 11 8.66 +/-/td> $8,500
The 150, LLC Farm DeWitt DeWitt 19 150.50 +/- $9,900

Turley Farm

Sale Pending

Logan Mount Pulaski 10, 13, 14 & 15 435 +/- $10,500


Sold Farm Properties

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Owner County Township Section Acres Sold Date
Dough Farms - Pana Township Christian Pana 11 39.35 06/2017
Spencer Farm DeWitt Clintonia 30 39.0 06/2017
May Farm Macon Whitmore 9 17.4 05/2017
Dough Farms - Assumption Township Christian Assumption 31 37.44 05/2017
Brown Estate Macon Blue Mound 11 75.75 05/2017
Medaris Farm Piatt Unity 1 40.0 05/2017
Noland Estate Farm Shelby Cold Spring 13 & 14 65+/- 05/2017
Dough Farms- Barnett & Tunbridge Townships DeWitt Barnett & Tunbridge 32,33 & 4,5 173.04 05/2017
Dough Farms - Garfield Township Grundy Garfield 8 132.38 05/2017
Dough Farms- Atlanta Township Logan Atlanta 14 156.51 05/2017
Dough Farms- Elkhart Township Logan Elkhart 11 93.14 05/2017
Dough Farms- Arrowsmith Township McLean Arrowsmith 24 75.39 05/2017
Dough Farms- Allin Township McLean Allin 32 & 33 127.53 05/2017
Dough Farms- Martin Township McLean Martin 20 201.48 05/2017
Dough Farms- Bloomington & Randolph Township McLean Bloomington & Randolph 34 & 6 250.37 05/2017
Glencoe Farms- Arrowsmith Township McLean Arrowsmith 2 80.76 05/2017
Glencoe Farms- Dawson Township McLean Dawson 1 99.46 05/2017
Shaff Trust Farms-3 tracts Champaign Stanton 20, 29 232.0 04/2017
Foster Trust & Foster Kelly Trust Farm Ford Drummer 3, 34 & 35 836.19 03/2017
Greer Farm  Coles Seven Hickory 8 80.0 03/2017
Killian Trust Farm McLean Martin 33 76.17 03/2017
Foster Trust Farm Douglas Tuscola 24 240.0 03/2017
Foster Trust Farm Douglas Tuscola 10 260.93 03/2017
Crumrine Farm McLean Martin 14 80.05 03/2017
John Ullrich Foundation Farm Coles Humboldt 14 280.00 03/2017
Schiller Trust Champaign Newcomb 32 160.0 2/2017
Ullrich Foundation Moultrie Lovington 20 18.64 12/2016
Jane Little Trust DeWitt Creek 13 80.00 12/2016
Stallard Trust Vermillion Vance 3 23.32 12/2016
Thornburg-Bearse - Herrick Township Shelby Herrick 11 120.00 11/2016
Thornburg-Bearse - Oconee Township Shelby Oconee 15 80.00 11/2016
Gimbel-Sherr - Mt. Zion Township Macon Mt. Zion 19 & 30 35.44 11/2016
Gimbel-Sherr - South Macon Township Macon South Macon 36 44.55 11/2016
Harris Trust - Buckhart Township Christian Buckhart 21 40 11/2016
Harris Trust - Ricks Township Christian Ricks 1 83.39 10/2016
Brelsfoard Trust Macon Maroa 20 160.00 10/2016
Marilyn Groh Irrevocable Trust - Locust Township Christian Locust 11 118.16


Marilyn Groh Irrevocable Trust - 12 North-Range 2 East Township Shelby 12 North-Range 2 East 16 240.00 2/2016
Stewart Family - Crittenden Township Champaign Crittenden 12 59.55+/- 2/2016
Stewart Family - Multiple Townships McLean Multiple Multiple 600.00+/- 2/2016
Okaw Valley Newby Farms
1st Offering
2nd Offering
3rd Offering
Coles Multiple Multiple 518.60+/- 12/2015
Wilson DeWitt Harp 2 60.00 11/2015
Ater - Whitmore Township Macon Whitmore 11 38 6/2015
Jackson Moultrie Lovington 8 & 9 50 6/2015
Phipps Macon Mt. Zion 5 120.55 6/2015
Maxwell Trust Champaign Ogden 7 169.35 3/2015
Kuder Estate Champaign St. Joseph 26 & 27 29.78 & 33.03 2/2015
Dalton Champaign Tolono 6 54.20 2/2015
Ater - Whitmore Township 2 Macon Whitmore 8 77.93 1/2015
Travis LaSalle Dimmick 28 107.6 1/2015
Jackson Moultrie Lovington 8 & 9 190.0 1/2015
Hadden Champaign Compromise 17 120.0 11/2014
Balbach Vermilion Grant 14,23,24,25,26 208.69 10/2014
CJ America, Inc. Champaign Tolono 20 113.0 7/2014
CCHF-Jacobs Farm Iroquois Lovejoy 19 111.19 5/2014
CCHF-Newkirk (Broadlands) Farm Champaign Raymond 25 80.0 5/2014
CCHF-Newkirk (Allerton) Farm Edgar Young America 10 80.0 4/2014
CCHF-EMS Farm Champaign Ogden 7 46.73 4/2014
CCHF-Carsman Farm Vermilion Elwood & Love 34,35 160.0 4/2014
CCHF-Barnhart Farm Champaign Sidney 9 187.23 4/2014
CCHF-Newkirk (Brocton) Farm Edgar Shiloh 22 76.0 4/2014
CCHF-Sheldon Farm Vermilion Oakwood 10 142.0 4/2014
CCHF-Newkirk (Broster) Farm Wabash Lick Prairie 28 160.0 3/2014
CCHF-Scott Farm Vermilion Sidel 23, 24 156.0 3/2014
Chamberlain Macon Harristown 4 25.0 2/2014
Watson/Quist Piatt & Dewitt Multiple-4 Tracts Multiple 443.44 2/2014
Lehman/Yates Champaign Philo 36 74.0 1/2014
Smith and French Macon Maroa 5 118.0 1/2014
Fowler McLean Martin 36 81.09 12/2013



Our farm brokerage professionals promise expert advice to help you maximize your farmland investment. Contact us today to list your farm for sale or find the farmland you want!

Proudly serving all of Illinois from offices in Champaign, Macon, and McLean Counties.

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