Ali Neault

Smiling Busey associate profile photo“The happiest moment of my life was the day I realized that the word ‘no’ is a full and complete sentence. You thought I was going to say my wedding or the birth of a child, right? Nope. Listen, my husband is my best friend and my children are wonderful tiny humans, but the ‘power of no’ has brought more confidence and joy than I ever imagined. Saying no allows me more autonomy over myself, my decisions, and in turn, gives me more confidence than I have ever had before. Now, I’m not saying you should march into your boss’ office and tell them no on a project they gave you—say yes to those great opportunities, and put yourself out there—even when it’s scary. But please, say no when it doesn’t feel important or genuine. It will be a happy and empowering moment, I promise.”


Ali Neault, AVP, Talent Acquisition Manager


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