Andy Webb

“At 14 years-old, I began working at my grandpa’s restaurant. Through this experience, I learned lessons to last a lifetime. Because of this, I always thought I would be an entrepreneur. I envisioned a food truck serving gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. In college, I quickly learned the challenges of the entrepreneurial path, and instead, pursued a finance degree! It wasn’t until my senior year in a course called “Real Numbers for Real Banks” I realized I wanted to be a commercial banker. This course resonated with me. Through my experience with my grandpa, I truly believe small businesses are the backbone of this country. They can either make or break an economy on a local or national scale. Once upon a time someone helped fund my grandpa’s dream, and although, I may never own my own business, I get just as much joy playing a pivotal role in helping someone pursue their dream.”

Andy Webb, Commercial Banking Analyst

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