Bess Wolff

Busey associate portrait“Even though I wasn’t very good at basketball, I signed up for the only basketball team at my middle school–the boys’ basketball team–when I was in sixth grade. From the start, it was obvious I wasn’t welcome on the team. My principal, teachers, classmates, teammates, my teammates parents and even the boys I played against all told me directly or indirectly to quit. Despite the odds stacked against me, I stuck out the season. I am proud of that moment because at 11 years old, I pushed the limits and stood up for what I believed in. The next year, the school started a girls’ basketball team, and I know that I was part of that decision and that I made an impact on other young girls in the small town where I grew up.”

Bess Wolff, Officer, Retail/Mortgage Portfolio Loan Specialist

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