Chip Jorstad

Smiling Busey associate profile photo“My commercial banking career path was completely unexpected. On September 11, 2001 at 8:46 a.m., I was in a personal wealth management class during my senior year at the University of Illinois, and planned to attend a career fair after lunch. When the second plane crashed into the World Trade Center that morning, it changed the direction of my life. I did not lose anybody during the tragedy, but the job offer I had from Caterpillar went away, the career fair was canceled and the economy went into a tailspin. Fast forward two months, I was home over Thanksgiving break and was asked by the local market president at First Midwest Bank if I had a job yet. When I responded that I didn’t, he encouraged me to apply as a credit analyst with the Sales Management Trainee Program at First Midwest Bank. As they say, the rest is history!”


Chip Jorstad, EVP, Regional President, Central Region
Commercial Banking


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