Clayton Murphy

Clayton smiling“A few years ago, I experienced health issues that required follow-up. At the time, we had a 2-year-old daughter at home and had just found out our second daughter was on the way the following summer. I was also studying for a test that could impact my career, the National Bank Examiners Commissioning test. I was terrified because of the uncertainty of my health and what that might mean for my family and life, but I had to keep pushing myself to work towards passing my test and providing for my family. I used my faith and encouragement from family to help me overcome my fears and focused on my goals as a distraction from my health. After more medical testing, I received a clean bill of health and re-focused my thoughts on my family and my career. We welcomed our second daughter one month later and I passed the commissioning test in the same year.”
Clayton Murphy, AVP, Loan Review Analyst
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