Colin Ramage

“The happiest moment of my life was when I proposed to my wife. After purchasing the ring, I planned to wait a few weeks to put together an elaborate way to propose. Three days later I couldn’t wait any longer. So that day I ran to my parents’ house, picked up the ring and got ready—all while trying not to hyperventilate. Meanwhile, my wife decided to mow the lawn while I was gone. When I returned with the ring and flowers, she was hot and disheveled from mowing. I asked her to come to the living room and she realized something was up and asked if she needed to shower. It felt like an eternity for her to get ready, and while I waited, I lit the candles in the house–all four of them, all different scents. When she came out, I made my speech and popped the question—and she said ‘Yes!’ It wasn’t a picture-perfect proposal, but it was perfect for us.”  

Colin Ramage, Officer, Commercial Underwriter I
#Faces of Busey

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