Curt Anderson

“My best piece of advice would be to live every moment to the fullest, never wasting an opportunity. When I was 19 years-old, I lost my mom to breast cancer. As a young adult you feel somewhat bulletproof and I didn’t realize the magnitude of her death until much later in life. I miss her more today than I ever have. She missed meeting my wife Jo and the birth of my children. She never had a daughter and I was blessed with two. She would have absolutely loved them. She was never there to answer my questions about family or what I was like growing up. I wish I would have asked her to teach me how to speak Swedish, an opportunity lost. I wished I would have told her more often I loved her and spent more time with her when she was going through cancer treatments—but I always thought she would be there. To this day I tell my wife and girls I love them every day, I don’t get upset about the small things and I try to treasure every moment.”


Curt Anderson, President & CEO Busey Wealth Management


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