Denise Berardi

In 2015, my husband was diagnosed with tonsil cancer. I’ve never been more afraid. As we walked out of the doctor’s office, I was numb—I had no idea how I could go on without him but I had to be strong for him. The next couple months were a whirlwind as I watched my husband fight for his life during five-day-a-week radiation treatments for seven weeks and once-a-week chemotherapy. Although he lost his voice temporarily, and more than 50 pounds, my husband never got upset or lost his sense of humor. His days of entertaining others with his singing talent have ended but he still sings and plays at home. It’s a joy for me just to hear his voice. With the wonders of science, excellent doctors and nurses combined with a positive attitude and prayers from family and friends, we made it through the difficult journey. I’m happy to share that my husband is going on four-years of being cancer-free! I’m looking forward to my next journey . . . after 32 years of service to Busey, I’m excited to retire this month and spend time with my husband!”


Denise Berardi, Personal Banker at Pekin Main

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