Ed Scharlau

Busey Associate Ed Scharlau“My start at Busey was in January 1964 as a part-time teller while attending the University of Illinois. During summer breaks, I would fill in for the janitors. I made $1.25 an hour as a teller; $2 an hour as a janitor. While working part-time and going to school, the bank owner approached me with an interesting offer—if you stay with Busey one year after you graduate college, we will send you to IBM Programming School in Chicago and Detroit to learn how to install and operate a bank computer. In January 1966, we installed the first bank computer in downstate Illinois and the Midwest. We transformed the manual process of ledger sheets to disks. I continued full-time as a student and full-time managing the computer department, which got me through my master’s degree and Ph.D. Busey has and continues to be a forward-thinking financial organization.”


Ed Scharlau, Vice Chairman Busey Bank

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