Alyssa Combs

“Moving to Washington D.C. after college was a big step for me. I was a Champaign “townie” and attended the University of Illinois’ great Accountancy program. I didn’t know many people in D.C., but I made friends and built a community that supported me for five years. We weathered snowstorms and hurricanes, traveled overseas for work and, generally, just looked after one another. Now I’m an audit supervisor, which is a great fit because I love rules. I love how they help contribute to a functioning system and how they help establish requirements so everyone knows expectations. Not everyone shares my passion, but that just gives me the opportunity to communicate with others.  I want my co-workers to understand how they contribute to the big picture. Rules shouldn’t be just arbitrary requirements. No one likes rules just for rules’ sake—not even me.”


Alyssa Combs, VP Internal Audit Supervisor


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