Jaime Crane

Busey Associate Jaime Crane“As a passionate supporter of the American Lung Association, I started participating in the ‘Master the Met Fight for Air Climb’ 10 years ago in honor of my great grandfather. In the past decade, my team has raised approximately $100,000 and I have personally run up over 10,000 individual stairs or 420 flights. The annual run takes roughly 12 minutes. Each year the run is brutal—it’s hard to breathe, your chest hurts and feels tight, but it is nothing compared to what my grandfather endured every day as he suffered from lung disease. In 2015, my son Lucas was born happy and healthy. Then, at two-months old he began to experience frequent illnesses, struggling with recurring ear and sinus infections. Every time he gets an infection, we have to do 20 days of antibiotics and breathing treatments. Watching him struggle to breathe, not being able to run and play with his sister, is one the most challenging moments as a parent. Now, each stair climb, I climb in honor of my great grandpa and my son in hopes that one day we will have a cure to end this disease.”


Jaime Crane, AVP, Branch Manager in St. Charles, Missouri


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