Joellen Bryant

Busey Associate Joellen Bryant“I learned a lot from my mom. I will always be grateful and admire her for the examples of hard work and determination she showed on a daily basis. Even during times of challenge, she always tried to see the good in people, was patient and had a positive attitude. She also taught us to be grateful for what we had. Everything is a blessing. There was no doubt she loved us. Family was very important to her. We spent time playing cards and board games—like Yahtzee or Aggravation. I have a lot of wonderful memories of being together laughing and just spending time together as a family. My mom passed away on December 23, 1986, but her life serves as an example and is how I try to mirror my own life—as wife, mother, co-worker and friend.”

 Joellen Bryant, Officer, Sales & Marketing Specialist


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