Joni Dorsey

“The time in my life when I was most afraid was when my job was eliminated due to a merger. At the time, I was going through a divorce and was responsible for all our marital debt. I was anxious about how my skills would transfer to another job and if other banks would need me. To my surprise, several of the lenders I worked with put in a good word for me with law offices. I also had former colleagues who were lenders reach out to me because they were joining a new bank. Both the law offices and the other bank made me job offers, and after careful consideration of my strengths, I stayed in banking. While this experience was stressful, it left me knowing that even in hard times of uncertainty, things will be okay. I also gained confidence because I saw how many people trusted me and put their confidence in me.” 

Joni Dorsey, VP, Commercial Loan Documentation Manager

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