Kelli Baker

“In 2000, I went for a physical and found my weight and lifestyle were taking a serious toll on my health. My cholesterol levels were extremely high, and my doctor gave me two options—join a weight loss plan and start exercising or go on medication.

“I lacked confidence, struggled with depression and didn’t want to leave my house. Starting Weight Watchers was the first step. I learned how to take small steps to make positive lifestyle changes and began eating healthier and doing small daily workouts. Slowly I started feeling better, had more energy and was gaining confidence I could reach my goal. And I was enjoying it!

“After a year, I reached my weight loss goal and haven’t had to go on medication. I still have to be cognizant about maintaining a healthy lifestyle—but I always return to my why. I want to be healthy and active for my family and enjoy life to its fullest. I’m also 100 percent positive my journey led to my current position as Busey Wellness Director. So now I get to use my experience, knowledge and passion to help make an impact on the health and wellness of others.”

Kelli Baker, AVP – Wellness Director


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