Lauren Johnson

Busey associate portrait

“My dad and step-mother gifted me the experience of a lifetime when I got to drive a Formula 1 race car at the Joliet Motor Speedway at 17 years old. I have always loved cars and dreamed of being a racecar driver. The experience truly changed my life. Out of 30 people in my class, I was the only girl and the youngest person. When it was my turn to get behind the wheel, I drove two laps around the track, but got the signal that I wasn’t going fast enough. At that moment, I decided to not hold back. I got the car up to 150.68 miles per hour—as fast as it would go—and would have gone faster if I could have. Mine was the fastest speed of the day among my classmates. This experience showed me that I could do whatever I want with my life and the only thing holding me back is myself.”

Lauren Johnson, AVP, Records Manager

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