Lois Happ

Busey Associate Lois Happ“May 18, 2014 was one of the days when I felt the most pride and the most fear. This was the day my second child, Alexander (Alex), graduated from The High School of St. Thomas More in Champaign, IL. He accepted his diploma, and 20 minutes later, left for United States Marine Corps Boot Camp. Since 6th grade, Alex has wanted to serve our country. I thought he would outgrow the desire but he never did. Over the years it became a passion he had to fulfill. 

Before graduation, Alex gave me a letter that thanked me for allowing him to follow his dream. In the letter, he also shared that I kept him safe for the first 18 years, now it’s his turn to keep me and everyone else in our country safe. Alex, and the rest of our military personnel, put others before themselves and are willing to give their lives for us. I could not be more proud of my son.”


Lois Happ, AVP, Customer Care Service Manager


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