Marina Buttitta

Busey Associate Marina Buttitta“Sicily to Chicago to Champaign—a journey my parents undertook to find a better life for themselves and opportunity for me. My father was a master tailor and opened his own shop in Champaign in 1964. For every back turned, and there were a few, a hundred hands were extended in welcome. I would never compare myself to my father, whose former clients sought him out long after he retired. But I have been blessed to have a career in banking that has allowed me to work with parents, children, grandchildren and, on occasion, four generations at the same time! In a small way I have had the same opportunity as my father to experience these same relationships, from doctors to lawyers to book authors, from a nuclear physicist to a bricklayer. While our family’s journey that began in a small town in Sicily may be unique, wonderfully, the notion of hard work and building relationships is a universal one.”


Marina Buttitta, Wealth Advisor Assistant


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