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Busey Adjusting Service Center Hours

At Busey, we continue to strive to find innovative solutions to best serve the evolving needs of customers and communities—when and where it’s most convenient for them. To meet and exceed those needs, after careful consideration and thorough review we are adjusting hours of Busey service center locations effective August 31.
Since adjusting to drive-up hours in early April in response to COVID-19, we have consistently heard positive comments from customers regarding Busey’s plan and response to the pandemic. In fact, customer surveys and feedback revealed that while customers do not widely express need for service centers prior to 9 a.m., retail services were needed past 5 p.m.
Find the updated hours for your local branch.
As a reminder, to accommodate physical distancing protocols and maintain limited branch capacities, we ask that customers continue to call ahead and make appointments or utilize Busey’s new Bank by Appointment for uninterrupted in-branch service.

As always—customers can continue to utilize Busey’s convenient, remote services for their unique banking needs including:
Through Busey’s standardized updated branch hours and investments in digital offerings infrastructure, we continue to provide customers an easy, convenient and robust range of service options.
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