Romana Gracanin

Busey Associate Romana Gracanin“Working with a customer to get approved for a loan, increase their credit score or save money can be so rewarding. When I began my career in banking in 2009, the economy was struggling. I had a client who needed a loan, but due to their credit score, we weren’t able to get the loan approved. While it wasn’t the immediate solution the customer was looking for, I was able to advise them on ways to prepare for a loan in the future. We were able to do a credit builder loan, with careful review of credit reports and coaching they were able to improve their credit score. Over time the customer began to see the work pay off with a credit score increase and eventually approval on the loan that met their needs. During that time we built more than a strong credit history, we established a friendship.”


Romana Gracanin, VP, SBB Business Development Officer

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