Susan Chicone

Busey Associate Susan Chicone“My parents always pushed me to try new things and helped me realize I didn’t have to be perfect, but I had to try. In the end, the things that were the most difficult or uncomfortable would mean the most. I have had to remind myself of this truth so many times in my life. One summer I worked as a camp counselor and was assigned to the High Ropes course. Did I mention I am scared of heights? Not only did I have to overcome my fear and spend the summer in the trees, but I also had to help other campers navigate the course working against their own fears and physical exhaustion. With each camper, I got to see first-hand the sense of accomplishment and pride they felt upon completing the course. I’ll never forget that summer. A simple and very real reminder that being a little uncomfortable is where the magic happens. Today, I am still nervous about heights, but I know I can deal with it and would never allow the fear to hold me back from an experience.”


Susan Chicone, VP, Private Client Manager


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