Susan Coulter

Busey Associate Susan Coulter“In 1998, I was diagnosed with macular dystrophy. The doctors told me I would be legally blind within 10 years, and they were right. It was so easy to name all the things I could no longer do—read a book, drive, see a restaurant menu. I had to relinquish my driver’s license, and the company I was working for closed a month later. I quickly realized my poor vision was going to be a big issue during the dreaded job search. I ended up at Parkland College and wandered through a few majors until I found the perfect match—graphic design. My computer has a fantastic zoom feature that enlarges everything on the screen for me. Yep, I am a legally blind graphic designer and I love it! Don’t let roadblocks stop you, they are there to make you stronger.”


Susan Coulter, Officer, Creative Specialist


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