Tamara Buch

Busey Associate Tamara Buch“Through the practice of mindfulness, I have improved my life in countless ways. I started having panic attacks in college but didn’t realize what they were at first. No matter how many times you have one and how easily you recognize one, a portion of you remains convinced you’re going to die. When I got my first full-time job with health insurance, I seized the opportunity to tackle my mental health head-on. Through therapy and self-exploration, I was slowly but surely bringing my panics to a halt. In my experience, panics are like quicksand; the more you struggle trying to stop one, the faster you sink. Once I embraced how I felt during a panic, really listening to what my body and brain were telling me, they went away so quickly! This mindfulness technique can be applied to so many aspects of life in addition to quelling panic attacks. Mindfulness teaches you to be comfortable with situations you can’t control. I encourage everyone, regardless of whether they suffer from anxiety, to practice self-exploration.”

Tamara Buch, IT System Administrator
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