Tina Aguas

Busey Associate Tina Aguas“I come from a family of bankers. My father was a director at the Central Bank of the Philippines, rising from the ranks to later oversee rural banks across the country. My mom was a bank manager and soon after, so were two of my sisters—each at different universal banks. My third sister worked for another bank in Human Resources. I don’t get to see my family often, since we migrated from the Philippines to the United States in 1997, but when we do get together, it’s a time of laughter and love. We sometimes joke that we might as well establish our own bank! My father was an accountant, a big influence and inspiration for me to pursue the same path. I feel very blessed to be working for a great company and to be able to apply what I have studied. I truly believe that Busey is one of the best places to work for.”


Tina Aguas, Senior Accountant


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