Cameron Roch

“After the birth of my son in 2014, the sedentary nature of my desk job coupled with the demands of parenthood led me to make unhealthy food and exercise choices. This year, I decided to be a better role model for my son by making better choices in both areas. This was made easier through Busey’s commitment to associates’ wellness by offering various fitness programs and health initiatives. I participated in Busey’s Desk-to-Stadium 5k program and it helped me develop a passion for running. My son has even gotten involved in running and participated in the Busey Illinois Youth Run. I am looking forward to continuing my fitness journey, running both the Illinois Marathon 5k and the Illinois Marathon Relay in April 2020! I am proud to work for a company that strongly believes in the health and wellness of its associates.”  

Cameron Roch, VP, Commercial Banking Program Manager


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