Better together. Busey and South Side.


The partnership of Busey and South Side—strong, local banks with a shared vision to meet the needs of our customers through the delivery of high quality, personalized service better than our competition—advances our commitments to exceeding customer expectations, rewarding our associate base and building a service-oriented, community brand experience. Joining two of the best community banks in Illinois together offers significant growth possibilities for the combined associate, customer, community and shareholder bases. Our shared core values provide a strong foundation for a successful future together.

Mark Joseph Busey is a natural partner for South Side because it understands the Peoria market, offers a broad range of products to meet our customers' growing needs, and shares an unwavering commitment to customers, associates, communities and shareholders. Busey's strong capital position allows for larger credits, spurring additional economic and community development opportunities, while preserving a community banking approach the Peoria market appreciates. As two organizations with the same core beliefs, we believe we will be far greater together than each of us independent.

~ Mark Joseph
President & Chief Executive Officer of South Side Trust & Savings Bank

Chris Shroyer Since Busey was founded in 1868, our hallmark has been local bankers, local service and local decisions. South Side is the premier community bank in Peoria with a 95 year history and deep ties to the communities it serves. Our partnership with South Side enhances our presence in Peoria, a market important to us and core to our franchise. We are excited about the opportunities South Side’s retail and trust and investment business present in Peoria and across our footprint. Busey is pleased to partner with South Side Bank and we look forward to building upon its storied history.

~ Chris Shroyer,
President & Chief Executive Officer of Busey Bank

As we move toward integrating the two entities, please visit this page often for updates.

We know you will have questions about the integration. This page, along with the familiar faces in your local branches, will be your resources for all things integration. We look forward to partnering with you for many years to come!

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