Message to My Loved Ones

While planning for emergencies may not be pleasant, proactive planning can provide clarity and peace of mind when you and your family need it most. Busey Wealth Management is pleased to offer a robust planning document Message to My Loves Ones, that can help as a guide through difficult times. 

Message to My Loved Ones

This simple, yet in-depth, packet makes it easy for you to outline your life, your legacy and your wishes. Whether it’s a matter of remembering what may seem like simple information, such as account and policy numbers, or service and remembrance arrangements, it’s all in one place—in black and white. It’s designed to make estate planning easier, with simple, fill-in-the-blank style questions and sections for additional thoughts and remarks.

The unexpected is, by nature, hard to predict. But putting the Message to My Loves Ones plan in place makes handling the unexpected that much easier for those you care about.

Do you need someone to guide you through the process? We’re here for you. Contact the Busey Wealth Management team or call 1.800.67 l Busey to discuss your wishes. 

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The information provided in this Webinar is for general informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be specific advice.  Please contact your Busey Wealth Management advisor to discuss solutions tailored to your unique situation.
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