Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn smiling“As a parent we are proud of our children for so many reasons, seemingly all of the time. For me, however, this one sticks out. My son Jack was in fifth grade at the time he received an award at his school called the ‘Principal’s Choice’ award. This honor is given to just 100 students from grades K-12 throughout all of Will County. When it was explained that all of Jack’s prior teachers, as well as his peers and the principal, had to approve his nomination, I felt even more amazed and proud. I still believe that one of the driving factors of his nomination was the fact that from third grade to fifth grade he regularly gave up his recess to volunteer in the Focused Behavioral Intervention classroom. He is so humble and giving, it was only fitting that he was selected. To this day I still find myself trying to be as giving and supportive as Jack is.”
Michael Dunn, VP, Branch Manager
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