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Busey Business Mobile Banking

Now that mobile banking has swept the nation, with more than 30 million customers logging on to their personal bank accounts while on the run, it’s time that business owners have access to mobile technology that can meet their more demanding needs. It’s one thing to be able to view account balances and transfer funds between accounts, but business owners are looking to improve efficiencies by performing key business functions from their mobile devices.

When on the road, they need and expect to have control over their financials and access to time-sensitive financial tasks. Busey Mobile Banking, offered through eBank, our online consumer banking platform, now provides business owners with on-demand services and greater flexibility in how they manage their online business accounts.

Through Busey Mobile Banking, you can
  • View account balances and transaction history
  • Schedule bank transfers between other Busey accounts
  • Schedule one-time bill payments to established payees
  • View pending payments and transfers
  • Approve wire and electronic fund transfers
  • Receive account activity text alerts instantly
  • Request real-time balance updates via text 
Busey Mobile Banking Apps
The Busey Mobile Banking app has been optimized for mobile device screens. While you have access to the critical information you need, the screen remains uncluttered with intuitive workflow navigation. Transactions can be completed within just a few minutes.

Our proprietary application is designed for easy download to iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

  • Android™ Phones: The Busey Android app can be downloaded from Google play.
  • iPhone® and iPad®: The Busey iPhone app can be found in the iTunes App Store®.
A browser-based option is available for all other web-enabled phones that operate with Wireless Application Protocol 2.0 or higher. You can access the mobile-optimized Busey site at busey.com on your web enabled mobile device. The app and the service are free for Busey business customers enrolled in Busey eBank Online Banking. (You should check with your wireless phone provider for data usage costs).

Security Considerations
While business customers are understandably concerned about the security of mobile banking, the fact that transactions are taking place over cellular networks or within secure applications provides a greater degree of comfort. Dedicated mobile phone apps include built-in security software that enables more secure connections. Because the software is provided directly by Busey, your transactions occur within the safety of our security infrastructure which requires multiple layers of authentication. In addition to a unique PIN number, users must input a one-time password that changes with each login.

Access to Busey Mobile Banking is quick and easy. 

Source: Small Business Resources