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Jorge Medina

Jorge Medina PortraitCommunity Banking Officer
NMLS# 1689774
P: 618.659.6368
C: 314.797.6803
2870 N 44th Street, Ste. 1
Fairmont City, IL 62201

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Jorge has worked with Busey Bank since 2015. He is bilingual, speaking and writing fluently in both Spanish and English, which led to his current career path as a Community Development Lender.
After just a few short months as a Community Development Lender, I saw what it was becoming – a business committed to helping low-income families and our local Spanish-speaking populations. It’s an untapped market that no one has catered to before. Now Busey has a branch specifically for this population in Fairmont City, and it has turned into a huge success. My personal success as a Community Development Lender comes from helping a family purchase their first home when previously, they may not have had the resources or someone they could understand to help guide them through the process. It’s a tremendous feeling to help someone that is willing to put in the work to reach their goals, but didn’t think there were options or resources to help attain them. I understand the difficulty many of these families have to go through during the home-buying process because I went through them myself, becoming a homeowner at the age of 20. When approached by a potential client, I like to treat the process as a teaching experience. I take the time to explain the products and services in a detailed manner without putting any pressure on the client. I want the client to feel comfortable with what they are applying for and the process to get there. If my client is comfortable and understands the entire process from start to finish, then they are going to trust me and refer me to their friends and family. And that’s a sign that I was truly able to help them. Many people don’t know that I was born in Los Angeles and attended an all-Spanish school there. But I moved to Granite City in 2003 and began to study the English language until I became fluent.