Money Manager

Busey’s Money Manager, part of the online and mobile eBanking platforms, is a powerful tool that allows you to visualize and better understand your finances through a variety of features, such as:
Money Manager provides a visualization of spending and income trends, allowing you to better manage your finances on a daily to 90-day view.
The mobile-friendly, interactive spending wheel shows spending by percentage and total amount in designated categories over a 1-week to 6-month view.
A variety of customizable views means your budget is easy to create, visualize and control.  This feature also provides insight on how to track financial targets while controlling spending.
Track your net worth, retirement planning and overall wealth management in one place! This feature allows you to visualize all your assets in one place and track net worth over a monthly to yearly view.
Busey Mobile allows you to find the nearest Busey branch or ATM, deposit checks, view balances, transfer funds and pay your bills from your smartphone or tablet.

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