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New Online Banking & Mobile App Coming January 27
Busey remains committed to delivering on our promise of service excellence through providing the very best in innovative technology. On January 27, we’re excited to welcome current TheBANK Magic Online, Busey eBank and Small Business eBank users to Busey’s enhanced eBank online banking and mobile app. Below, learn more about the advantages of this improved tool and important information to ensure a smooth transition. 
We understand that change can be hard, and we’re dedicated to providing you the support you need as we migrate to the enhanced eBank. In January, please join us for a series of customer webinars and in-branch demonstrations.
Keep these key dates in mind as we transition:

January 19: Last day to use TheBANK PayLink. January 20 - 26 payments will process as expected. Bill payment payees and history will automatically convert; consider downloading and printing payment history.
Now - January 24: Download transaction history and account statements prior to October 2019. After January 24, history and statements prior to October will only be accessible from your banker or Busey Customer Care.
January 22: Last day to use Busey Bill Pay. January 22 - 26 payments will process as expected. Bill payment payees and history will automatically convert; consider downloading and printing payment history.
January 24: Last day to use current Busey eBank and TheBANK Magic Online; systems down at 3 p.m. CT. Delete the old apps.
January 24 - 27: Planned system outage; Online and mobile banking unavailable (3 p.m. CT on January 24 - 8 a.m. CT on January 27)
January 27: Download the new “Busey – Mobile” app. Begin using the new Busey eBank for online and mobile banking at 8 a.m. CT!

 For a quick overview, view the detailed enhancements  |   Signup today for customer eBank webinars
Questions? We're Here to Help. 
Call Busey Customer Care
Mon - Fri 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. CT
Sat 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. CT

Please be aware, we anticipate very high call volumes for several weeks post transition. In the event you’re unable to get connected with someone from our team, we recommend reaching out directly to your local branch, initiating a Live Chat session with us or sending a secure message via

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.


Important eBank Enhancements

You can continue to use the current Busey eBank and TheBANK Magic Online through Friday, January 24 at 3 p.m. CT.  Online and mobile banking will be unavailable January 25 - 26. Beginning Monday, January 27 at 8 a.m. CT, you’ll download the new Busey - Mobile App and start using Busey’s enhanced eBank online and mobile platform.
What to Expect with the Enhanced eBank
This powerful new tool offers:
  • Access to eStatements through the mobile app
  • Card management
  • Next-day payment processing
  • Faster availability to funds deposited through Mobile Deposit
  • Near real-time account alerts sent via email or text message
Initial eBank Login
For your first login, use your current username and the last six digits of your Social Security or EIN number as a temporary password. After successfully accessing eBank, you will be prompted to immediately reset your password. 
Accessing through Computer Browser
You will continue to access eBank through by selecting Busey eBank from the login box on the homepage. Upon entering your credentials (current username and temporary password), you will be prompted to change your password. From there, you will need to add an email to receive eBank notifications and a phone number to receive a secure authentication code. To avoid having to enter a verification code with each login, you will have the option to Register your Device.
Busey recommends using Chrome, Firefox or Safari for the best eBank experience.
Accessing through App
The new Busey - Mobile App will be available to download from the App Store beginning on Monday, January 27 at 8 a.m. CT. You'll need to download the new Busey - Mobile App from the App store prior to logging on. When accessing the new eBank app, you will enter your credentials—current username and the last six digits of your Social Security or EIN number. You will then be prompted to change your password. You will have the option to add a four-digit passcode for establish Touch/Face ID for future ease-of-access. Additionally, you will need to add an email to receive eBank notifications, along with your cell phone number to receive a one-time security code.
To validate your phone, a verification code will be sent to the number your provided. After successfully entering this code, you will have access to your account via the app and will not need to complete this additional step again.
Logging In - Desktop Version Video
Logging In  - Mobile Version Video
Upon successful login, you’ll notice a refreshed eBank layout and design. One of the great advantages of this new system is complete control over your dashboard—configuring the display to meet your unique financial needs.
To adjust your display, scroll down to Organize Dashboard. From here, you’re able to remove, reorder and choose the display for each feature.
Desktop Version

Mobile Version
The navigation window has the following options:
  • Dashboard: main screen showing accounts and quick actions
  • Messages: any alerts or marketing messages
  • Accounts: full listing of all accounts
  • Transfer: view scheduled transfers and make transfers between accounts
  • Deposit Check: mobile deposit for checks
  • Payments: bill pay and integrated Person-to-Person payments
  • Spending Habits: links to Money Manager—our tool for creating budget and transaction categorization
  • Support: contact Busey
  • Settings: add external transfer accounts—make transfers to your accounts at other financial institutions—and general settings
App users—when navigating away from the eBank app, you will automatically be logged out. Upon returning, you’ll enter your password and return where you left off.
Desktop Version

Mobile Version

Customizing Accounts
Make all accounts visible by selecting View All or scroll to the right to view one at a time.
To change the order in which accounts are presented, select View All from Organize Accounts. You may also hide accounts or rename them by navigating under Settings or at the account level in the app.
Initially, you will see up to four months of transaction history under each account. To you ensure you have access to your 2019 transactions, we recommend downloading your 2019 activity using the export function in TheBANK Magic Online or Busey eBank today. 
Key Dates
January 19: last day to use TheBANK PayLink. Payments created that day or scheduled for January 20 - 26 will proceed as expected.
January 22: last day to use Busey Bill Pay. Payments created that day or scheduled for January 23 - 26 will proceed as expected.
Exciting New Features
Busey’s enhanced eBank solution offers faster payment processing—as early as next day if made before 2 p.m. CT and delivered electronically. In addition, POPmoney users will now be included within Bill Payment, allowing Busey customers person-to-person payments with available funds.
Please note: If you currently use POPmoney, you will need to re-establish any payees saved within the new Bill Pay environment.  
Payment Process Examples
Payment 1: Payment is made to cable provider and sent electronically. Payment is scheduled to begin processing on January 29 before 2 p.m. CT. On January 29, the current balance is reviewed, and the payment is withdrawn from the account. Cable provider receives the payment on January 30.
Payment 2: Payment is made to cell phone provider and sent electronically. Payment is scheduled to being processing on January 29 after 2 p.m. CT. On January 30, the current balance is reviewed, and the payment is withdrawn from the account. Cell phone provider receives the payment on January 31.
Payment 3: Payment is made to local non-profit and is sent by check. Payment is scheduled to begin processing on January 29 before 2 p.m. CT. On January 29, the payment is processed and a paper check with the account and routing number is mailed to the non-profit. This process takes 5-7 business days. The funds will remain in the account until the non-profit cashes the check.
Please note: All Bill Pay payees will convert automatically. TheBANK PayLink users will retain six months of bill payment history while Busey Bill Pay users will retain one year. 
Important Information about eBills
If you have eBills connected through bill payment today, these need to be re-established in the new eBank platform. Similarly, any automatic payments connected to these eBills need to be re-established.
Busey’s enhanced eBank platform now offers near-real time alerts. Set alert preferences at the account level and choose balance or transaction alerts sent as email, text message or as in-app message.  Existing alerts and notifications will need to be re-established.
To view documents associated with your account, including statements and notices, you will select Documents. This allows you to sign up for or change current accounts enrolled in eStatements, add an email address to receive your eStatement notification, view disclosures and connects you to all available eStatements since October 2019.
Over time, additional statements will be added to this portal. In the interim, if you are needing statements prior to October 2019, please contact your local branch or Busey’s Customer Care Team.
While text alerts will continue, Text Banking will no longer be offered, and customers will be unable to text short codes to receive balance updates or authorize transfers.

Great news! With the enhanced eBank platform, you’ll have faster availability of your Mobile Deposits, allowing you to conveniently add funds to your account by taking photos of checks. It’s easy, fast, and secure!

To begin, enroll the account(s) to which you wish to deposit. If you are currently enrolled in Mobile Deposit, this will carry over and you do not need to re-enroll.

Busey is pleased to bring debit card management to the enhanced eBank platform! You can now turn your card on or off at any time, report it lost and/or stolen, re-order your card or activate a new card all from your app or browser.

To make card management easier, you will see all debit cards associated with your accounts in the Card Management dashboard.


Card Management - Desktop Version Video

Card Management - Mobile Version Video

Money Manager is Busey’s new personal finance management tool, replacing MX’s Money Management available in eBank today. With Money Manager, you can easily track your spending by category, budget progress, cash flow, net worth and view recent transactions and account balances across all your financial institutions.
If you currently use Money Management, you will need to re-establish your linked accounts, budgets and transaction categories.
The enhanced eBank platform will continue to support other third-party integrations including Quicken, QuickBooks and Mint. You will need to re-establish these linked accounts for integration into Busey eBank. 
TurboTax users: we will no longer offer a direct link from eBank to TurboTax. Rest assured you can continue to use TurboTax by visiting and entering your TurboTax credentials.
  • View the detailed Busey eBank enhancements
  • Signup for customer eBank webinars
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We look forward to offering a new Busey online and mobile experience—coming January 27, 2020!