Our priorities are balance sheet strength, profitability and growth—in that order.

We believe our long-term value is rooted in a lower-risk financial practice, and we promise our shareholders the highest level of stewardship over their company—stewardship built on the values of:

  • Core Deposit Funding—We strive to fund our assets primarily with core deposits.
  • Risk Mitigation—We strive to mitigate our financial risk through diversification geographically, asset type, customer and industry.
  • Strong Capital Position—We strive to maintain capital in excess of regulatory "well-capitalized" standards. Additionally, we maintain our capital levels sufficient to mitigate calculated risk in our asset portfolio.
  • Diversified Revenue Stream—We strive to deliver value to our shareholders through a diversified revenue stream that supports our strategy, including Busey Wealth Management and FirsTech.
  • Long-Term Returns—Focusing on short-term returns often leads to excess risk in financial position. We strive to deliver long-term returns to our shareholders through focus on the following areas: cost control not associated with growth; revenue growth; growth in profitability, emphasizing return on investment; and stable dividends.
Our primary focus is on the long-term sustainability of Busey, not short-term gains or losses. As we focus on these areas with a long-term view, we enhance shareholder value and provide our shareholders a low-risk investment profile that maximizes long-term returns.