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Strength and Security Since 1868

Since 1868, Busey has demonstrated reliable service as a top-performing bank--exhibiting strength, resiliency and continuous growth through many industry and market shifts over the last 155 years. In doing so, we are a leader in conservative banking practices across the country, and well-positioned to serve the needs of our Pillars

The quality of our deposit franchise is a core asset of our institution. We are in the top quartile of banks as it relates to insured deposits percentages and over 97 percent of our deposits are core deposits. Furthermore, we have sufficient funds in easily accessible investments if customers were to withdraw funds. Finally, and most importantly, more than 75% of all our depositors are fully insured by the FDIC.

For more than a decade, our operating mandate and focus have been on offering convenient products and services to customers while emphasizing credit quality over asset growth. In essence, Busey’s financial strength is built on a sound business strategy of conservative banking. That focus will not change now or in the future.

View President & CEO Robin Elliott’s message to customers from March 13, 2023 and his follow up message from March 27, 2023.

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“We are committed to the priorities of Balance Sheet Strength, Profitability and Growth—in that order.” - The Busey Strategy
- Van A. Dukeman, Chairman and CEO, First Busey Corporation