eBank Enhancement Updates

At Busey, we value you and your experience, which is why we continually work to improve our services based on your feedback. Throughout the year, we collect feedback through customer surveys, emails, our Customer Advisory Board, and conversations with you. This feedback is continually reviewed and analyzed by leaders and team members at Busey to inform the decisions we make about products, services and experience. 

In the fall of 2020, we invited active users of eBank—our online and mobile banking platform—to share feedback with us through a focused survey. With more than 8,300 customers providing insight, we learned from your responses, identified several common themes to shape our path forward and established action steps and timelines for improvement.
Busey's eBank Q2 Enhancement Roadmap
eBank Enhancement Roadmap for Q3 2021
These updates will be available later this year.
State of the Customer report cover
View our annual State of the Customer report, a detailed review of customer insight shared annually in the fall.

Thank you for partnering with Busey for a better banking experience.

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