Mortgage Document Checklist

We are happy you have chosen us for your home loan needs. To assists us in processing your loan, please provide the following documents.  If you have questions on a document listed below, please contact your Busey Home Mortgage lender.

Pre-Qualifying Documents

  • Paystubs cover the last 30 days
  • W-2s for the last 2 years
  • Two months most recent statements for checking, savings and money market accounts (all pages)
  • If self-employed, previous 2 years business federal tax returns with all schedules

Loan Application

  • Previous 2 years personal federal tax returns will all schedules
  • Most recent statements for stocks, bonds, 401(k) or other investment account (all pages)
  • If down payment is coming from 401(k), provide terms of withdrawal and repayment terms
  • 1099s, K-1s, and income tax extensions for self-employment borrowers
  • Award letter & proof of retirement benefits such as Pension, Social Security, Disability, Military, etc.
  • VA loan will need certificate of eligibility or statement from your commanding officer if on active duty
  • Proof of Gift funds or gift of equity documentation
  • Divorce decree (all pages)
  • Bankruptcy papers and discharge notice, if applicable.
  • Transcripts or diploma if recently graduated and can't supply 2 years of employment
  • Letters of Explanation for job gaps or unemployment including details and time lines
  • Letter for discrepancies for addresses and credit inquiries
  • Proof of payment history for child support and/or alimony, if using for income
  • Management company info to verify rent. If renting from a private party, provide 12 months cancelled checks

At Time of Contract (with the Help of Your Real Estate Agent)

  • Executed sales contract
  • Copy of Earnest Money check(s)
  • Quote from Homeowner’s insurance agents and contact information
For questions or assistance contact the Busey Home Mortgage team today.
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