Ag Lending

Agriculture continues to be the mainstay of central Illinois' economy, but as commodity prices fluctuate, land prices rise and interest paid on investments is low, every dollar becomes more important. You need a partner who understands your changing needs and has the experience to help you navigate the rapidly changing world economy. Our variety of lending programs are perfectly suited to the needs of a producer, a land owner or agribusiness. We can help with:

  • Equipment purchases or refinancing
  • Farm real estate loans for owner/operators or land investors
  • Working capital lines of credit for operating expenses
  • Lines of credit, equipment and real estate loans for agribusinesses
With roots that trace 155 years, our professional farm managers are entrusted to care and maximize value for landowners controlling nearly 90,000+ acres of prime farmland in Illinois. Put our wealth of experience to work maximizing the yield on your farmland investment.

  • How We Manage a Farm

    We specialize in assisting farmland owners by providing expertise and oversight, relieving them of the stress of management decisions — leaving them free to enjoy the pleasures of ownership.
  • Busey Farm Brokerage

    Assist both buyers and sellers on every aspect of their farmland needs. 

At Busey, we can help you manage the unique challenges you face,
providing the resources you need to maximize your efforts for generations to come.