Building Foundations

Partnering with the professionals at Busey Wealth Management will ensure that both the fiduciary and investment needs of the foundation are being fulfilled to the highest standard. Our experience in dealing with similar organizations and situations allows us to provide unique insights and best practices into this process. The team at Busey Wealth Management will work closely with the board to develop a customized investment strategy with strong underlying principles and a sound, long-term profile through independent and impartial advice.

Investment Strategy

Our investment professionals can assist foundations in determining the appropriate investment strategy for their unique situation. Through this process, we will aid them in constructing an Investment Policy Statement, which will clarify investment objectives, define parameters and asset allocation strategies, and provide guiding principles for present and future decisions. We will provide ongoing monitoring of the quality of investments, along with updates and enhanced performance reporting.

Our professionals will also provide continual advice, support, and education to the current and future board members, which will not only allow for consistency, but will also help protect the foundation's assets from industry trends and emotional investing. Our wealth advisors can also assist foundations in determining the most efficient means of managing their cash flow needs.

At Busey Wealth Management, we are committed to the communities we serve. Contact us today to learn more.

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