Trust Services & Estate Advisory

At Busey Wealth Management, we make it easy for you to relax and enjoy what you have achieved financially, secure in the knowledge that you have a team of experts focusing on your needs. Our professionals can relieve individuals of the time-consuming and confusing burden of coordinating the financial affairs of a loved one.

We develop lasting partnerships with you and your beneficiaries by providing comprehensive administration that can preserve your trust or estate for generations. The highly skilled professionals at Busey Wealth Management understand the intricacies involved with administering your wishes and are experienced in handling everything from beginning to end. Our wealth advisors can help protect you and the legacy you leave behind.

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Providing trust and fiduciary services is a complex responsibility requiring highly trained and experienced professionals. A trustee's legal duty is to protect the grantor of the trust and to ensure the proper administration of family wealth set aside for minors, elderly, incapacitated persons or future generations. As your trustee, we are prepared to handle everything from reviewing your tax situation to ensuring your investments are appropriate for your situation, allowing you the freedom to focus on other things that are important to you.

Why should you consider a trust? A trust is a private document, not a public document like a will, and will permit you to avoid the public process and cost of probate. Trusts also allow for the consolidation of your assets and will assure continuity of management for you, your family and other beneficiaries. In addition, trusts can provide asset protection, as well as ongoing estate planning opportunities and possible estate tax reductions.
While much of financial planning has to do with acquiring and preserving assets, estate planning also involves determining the most effective way to distribute assets. Many people are uncomfortable discussing estate planning, which is understandable. But, without an estate plan, everything you hold dear could be at risk.

At Busey Wealth Management, our skilled professionals have built a strong reputation for accurate, efficient estate administration. We have both the qualifications and years of experience to settle large and complex estates. Whether your estate is administered under the terms of your will or your trust agreement, Busey provides expert service. We act as impartial liaisons to ensure that your wishes are executed in accordance with your legal documents; this impartiality can be essential in keeping peace among family members.

Choosing A Corporate Executor or Trustee

Estate administration is time consuming and involves interacting with attorneys, accountants, beneficiaries, and grieving family members; therefore, the selection of your Executor is important and should not be taken lightly. Choosing a professional who is experienced in handling estates of all sizes will relieve family members and friends from the labor and liability involved in handling the settlement of your affairs.

Our professionals have the experience to make the process go smoothly for your family, and the expertise to ensure that complex issues are considered carefully. At Busey Wealth Management, your Executor or Trustee is one member of a team of professionals who work together to protect your legacy and minimize dissension among family members. An Executor or Trustee is charged with the responsibility of carrying out your wishes as expressed by the terms of your will and/or your trust agreement.
People are drawn to philanthropy for many reasons, from being connected to specific causes to simply being grateful and wanting to give back. Charitable giving can also benefit your overall financial plan by decreasing current and future income taxes, as well as reducing potential estate taxes and helping to provide retirement income. Some charitable plans can even help create more dollars overall for the charity of your choice. Whether you plan to gift during your lifetime or through your estate plan, understanding your options is important in order to choose the most appropriate strategy for your individual situation.

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