Barb Humer

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“I always wanted to go to nursing school but never had the chance. Knowing my passion to care for others, my husband, who was the fire chief in Tolono, encouraged me to go to EMT school. I did and was able to help people for seven years through Tolono Fire Rescue. While working at Busey in Tolono I was also on the fire department. Oftentimes, the siren would go off, I would run to the station to go on the call and put on my bunker gear over my dress. You do what you have to do to help others. I’m so thankful for my husband’s encouragement. While working at Busey, I actually put my EMT training to use performing CPR on a customer—keeping him alive until the fire department arrived. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”


Barb Humer, AVP- Retail Administrative Assistant


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