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Savings Services

At Busey, we understand the importance of saving for the future and unexpected emergencies. Whether you are just starting out or saving for something specific, we have a savings account to help you reach your goals.
While you are here, take one of Busey’s My Financial Goals assessments to check your progress toward your goals—whether you are saving for college, retirement or a major purchase.

Everyday Savings
Busey's Everyday Savings account is the perfect savings account for your general savings needs, whether you are saving for emergencies, something special or just for a rainy day. Access your account securely online—anytime, anywhere—with our progressive financial management hub of online services. Add BIG CHANGE, and watch your savings grow every time you use your Busey Debit Mastercard.

Everyday Savings includes:

  • Interest earned on any amount
  • No monthly maintenance fee if you maintain the minimum daily balance of $300; otherwise, pay a $3 monthly maintenance fee
  • Quarterly statement; monthly statement available when linked to a checking account
  • 24-hour access via ATM when linked to a Busey Debit Mastercard®
  • Three free withdrawals per month; $1 fee for each additional withdrawal
As required by federal regulations, certain transfer limitations apply to money market and savings accounts.
* Up to six preauthorized transfers are permitted per statement cycle. Preauthorized transfers include: checks; ACH debits; Busey Debit Mastercard purchases; online banking transfers; online bill payments; transfers requested over the phone; and, other automatic transfers.
* Withdrawals of funds made in person or at an ATM, and transfers made to pay loans held by Busey do not count toward this regulatory limit.
* If the number of transfers exceeds the regulatory limits, your account may be closed or your funds transferred to a non-interest bearing checking account.
It's never too early to begin saving! Learning how to handle money at a young age can build the foundation for good financial habits. Start a custodial savings account with an initial gift and watch it grow. Start building your child's savings today with as little as $25, and help them achieve their savings goals with a monthly automatic transfer or BIG CHANGE to effortlessly grow your child's savings! Visit a Busey branch to start saving today.
After you're accustomed to saving money and have accumulated a larger balance, you may want to step up to this account and earn a higher interest rate. This account offers limited check writing ability along with tiered interest rates to help you maximize your savings. Add BIG CHANGE, and watch your savings grow every time you use your Busey Debit Mastercard.
Certificates of Deposit (CDs) can help you pursue your investment needs and goals while also providing safety of principal. Busey offers a wide range of CD terms and competitive interest rates.
Available only to our Pillar Banking and Capstone Checking customers, the Portfolio Certificate of Deposit (CD) offers greater earning power and capital preservation by dividing a minimum deposit of $7,500 equally among three termed certificates - 12-month, 24-month and 36-months. Known as "laddering maturities," investing similar balances in multiple certificate terms provides many benefits:
  • Higher interest rates - longer term investments typically pay higher interest rates and do not require you to attempt to predict interest rate movements
  • Stable flow of income - a portion of your money is regularly available as different CDs mature
  • Liquidity - a portion of your investment will re-price in the market
  • Preservation of capital - CDs are insured for up to the maximum allowed by the FDIC

Pillar Banking customers enjoy this and many other benefits—including membership in our Pillar Club. 
Holiday spending can put strain on a budget. Why not set money aside now in an interest bearing account to help you make the holiday season a little less painful for your wallet? Busey' Holiday Club Account gives you the flexibility to add as much or as little as you would like throughout the year for your holiday purchases. Make saving for the holidays even more painless with BIG CHANGE.


Curb the cost of college through these savings options.
Take control of your schedule and BANK BY APPOINTMENT


When you swipe a lot, you save a lot!
BIG CHANGE allows you to save a little bit every day—effortlessly. Add BIG CHANGE to your checking account, then simply swipe your debit card, sit back and watch your savings account grow! Every time you use your debit card, the transaction is rounded up to the next nearest dollar. At the end of the day the total amount from all your transactions is automatically transferred to your preferred savings or money market account.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Your goal is lifetime financial security, and a variety of savings vehicles will help you reach that goal. Don't overlook the IRA - a valuable opportunity for tax-advantaged savings.

Student Banking | Building the Next Money Smart Generation

Did you know Busey offers tools and accounts to help prepare your children for financial independence? From kindergarten to college, help your child develop good financial habits to put them on the right path to handling their money responsibly.
Visit our Student Banking page to learn more!

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