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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Busey promise began when we first opened our doors in 1868. Our founders were leaders that understood the significance of economic prosperity and the importance of playing a role in bettering the communities we call home. That was over 150 years ago. Since then, Busey has built a tradition of outstanding service through close relationships and broad financial capabilities.

Featuring that purposeful action and civic responsibility, Busey is pleased to present its first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. Addressing topics such as ethics & governance, diversity & inclusion, social responsibility and environmental sustainability, the Busey CSR report examines Busey’s commitment to the associates, customers and communities we serve.

Busey’s introductory report is particularly meaningful amidst the unprecedented COVID-19 fallout. The updated policies, service models and support structures Busey employed to care for our associates, customers and communities are also summarized within.

This report provides a comprehensive look at our values in action—detailing initiatives to support our 4 Pillars, showcasing Busey’s efforts towards:

Busey is committed to attracting and retaining talent across a variety of backgrounds and experiences. A diverse team—one with varying beliefs and opinions—promotes productivity and creativity, while better meeting and exceeding the needs of a diverse customer base.

  • Busey engages in an array of local recruiting efforts to reach an expanded talent pool, such as partnering with the University of Illinois’ Disability Resources & Educational Services Department (serving those with visible and invisible disabilities), the Illinois Job Network (focusing on veterans seeking employment), BankTalentHQ (a partnership with the Illinois Bankers Association that shares our listings throughout thousands of sites, specifically targeting diverse groups), Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium (a group committed to recruiting, hiring and retaining veterans) and SLATE (a firm with a diversity- and data-based approach to executive and C-suite recruiting).

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging training is available to all associates, regardless of their position with the company. 

  • Annual Compliance Training and corresponding course assessments are required of all Busey associates, which includes courses on elder financial abuse, Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) activities, fair lending and more.

We recruit and retain the best and brightest associates—associates who are positive, determined, thoughtful, resilient and humble. We provide them with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed at Busey, allow them to be responsible and accountable and reward them accordingly.

  • In 2020, 84% of Busey’s nearly 1,400 associates completed the annual Associate Engagement Survey, awarding Busey a 4.13 out of 5 across 12 measures of critical engagement.

  • Since 2015, $3.7 million has been invested in associate training and development. In 2020, 53% of the workforce was actively engaged in programming designed to further develop their capabilities, dedicating 40,000 hours to program participation, leadership development and e-learning.

  • Busey’s award-winning wellness program, B Well, offers challenges, educational opportunities, fitness classes, on-site biometric screenings, clinics and flu shots—all while putting money back in associates’ pockets through cash incentives and Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions.

While we operate multiple business lines, we serve our customers as One Busey. Since we opened our doors more than 150 years ago, our core values have remained, creating a strong foundation and shaping our culture.

  • In 2019, Busey earned a Net Promoter Score® (NPS) of 50.7, well above the financial services industry benchmark of 34. Although full NPS surveys were put on hold in 2020 due to COVID-19, pandemic response surveys were launched as well as line of business surveys. Of the business lines surveyed, Busey’s 2020 CSAT, or Customer Satisfaction score, was 9.3 out of 10.

  • Throughout 2020, secured more than 4,500 loans to businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), totaling nearly $750 million while impacting more than 85,000 local jobs.

  • Busey recently published the 2019-2020 State of the Customer Report, describing how insight from nearly 18,000 customers continues to shape our servicing model and business solutions. To learn more about customer engagement efforts, please visit

We’re proud to give back to our communities—doing the right thing for our customers and building trusted relationships that span generations. Working with our communities to support the arts, advocate for our youth and help neighbors in need, we promise  to bridge needs by providing financial capital through monetary contributions and guidance, human capital through energetic and committed volunteers and social capital through leaders at the table to advocate for business and sustainability practices within our communities.

  • Since 2015, Busey associates have given 50,000 hours of their time to hundreds of community organizations.

  • Busey’s charitable donations total over $1 million annually. Over half (53%) of Busey’s larger contributions in 2020 were CRA qualified donations—supporting the critical needs of each community through scholarships, youth programs, court advocacy, food insecurity, shelter and more.

  • Since 2015, $3.7 million has been invested in associate training and development. In 2020, 53% of the workforce was actively engaged in programming designed to further develop their capabilities, dedicating 40,000 hours to program participation, leadership development and e-learning.

  • Through our Community Banking Program, Busey is committed to the fair treatment of all its customers and maintains high standards of corporate responsibility by providing consistent, objective and unbiased treatment to all.

Busey practices responsible environmental stewardship through not only a robust, sustainable approach to how we do business, but also companywide encouragement that our associates live cleaner, more sustainable lives.

  • Busey utilizes a triple bottom line approach to environmental sustainability and stewardship— the convergence of economic, social and environmental factors. Utilizing sustainable practices reduces the operating costs for Busey, improving profitability and allowing for investment in more ecological practices.

  • Busey has been involved with the Illinois Green Business Association since 2008, participating in events related to sustainability and presenting on the practices Busey has put into place, such as retrofit financing, renewable energy, smart grid technology and alternative energy.

  • In 2020 alone, Busey recycled 117.2 tons of paper, saved 468,600 kilowatts of energy and conserved 820,050 gallons of water.

Explore Busey's community-focused programs, campaigns and initiatives.

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Busey Drives Generosity

Each month, unique Busey Drives Generosity campaigns encourage Busey associates and customers to give generously, supporting their neighbors and communities.
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Volunteer Spotlight

Busey associates are encouraged and recognized for being actively involved volunteers who enrich the quality of life for our Pillars and area citizens.
Busey Associate Hannah Habeeb with a student

Financial Literacy

The Financial Literacy program is designed to teach kids and young adults the importance of money–how it's used, earned, saved and taxed.
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Available in each market, Busey Bank Bridge Scholarships support the academic endeavors of low-to-moderate income students with a desire to continue their higher education.
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Little Free Libraries

Built to promote connection and literacy, Busey has 15 Little Free Library installations across our footprint to increase access to books for all readers.
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Sensory Kits

Busey Bank is pleased to offer sensory kits at each banking center, containing toys and tools to engage children while their care givers meet with a Busey associate
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Awards & Recognition

We are honored to be recognized  for our culture of integrity, commitment to community development and advancements in sustainability.
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The Busey Promise

Supporting the arts, advocating for our youth and helping those in need. We’re proud to give back to our communities and do the right thing for our customers.
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State of the Customer Report

Busey's State of the Customer Report is a unique document that explores the strong customer partnerships upon which Busey is built.

How can we help your community?

Busey is committed to helping our neighbors through generous giving, and we invite you to join us. To make it easier, Busey Bank has created a special website for donations using your Busey Bank Mastercard®.

We gladly evaluate charitable requests made on behalf of your organization. To be considered for a donation, please complete the following Charitable Request Form. All requested files must be uploaded to the form for consideration.

Review Busey’s Charitable Contribution Guidelines