State of the Customer Report

Busey is pleased to present the 2019-2020 State of the Customer Report, a unique document that explores the strong customer partnerships upon which Busey is built.

This report provides details on important milestones, including welcoming TheBANK of Edwardsville into Busey in 2019, completing a conversion to a new online and mobile platform in 2020 and learning to adapt and adjust the way business is done during a global pandemic.

Not only does the State of the Customer Report examines how those actions have affected our customers, but it also examines how customer feedback has informed our actions. Since 2019, we’ve heard from nearly 17,445 customers and used that insight to shape our servicing model. Busey uses data from customer surveys to receive specific, tangible and real-time feedback—turning customer insight into opportunities to connect, improve processes, enhance products and better serve our customers and communities.

Thanks to customer feedback, Busey is able to deliver solutions and meet customers’ evolving needs. Looking back, we’ve come a long way in 155-plus years, yet the core values—dedicated associates, strong customer partnerships and thriving communities—instilled years ago are still the cornerstones of Busey today.

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