Account Information FAQs

How do I change my address?

There are a few ways you can securely update your contact information:

  • Update your address online
    • Via Busey – Mobile App
      • Once logged in, tap on the Profile Icon in the top right.  (If you haven't changed your profile picture, your profile will default to your initials inside a circle.) Here, you can edit your preferred first name, address, email and phone number.
    • Via Computer Browser
      • Log in. On the eBank Dashboard, click on your name in the lower left corner, then click on Settings in the menu that appears. Once on the Settings screen, choose the Profile tab to update your preferred first name, address, email and phone.
  • You can also fill out the Change of Address form and mail the completed form to Busey, Attn: Data Entry, PO Box 17430, Urbana, IL 61803.
  • For personal assistance, please visit your local service center.

What are my routing and account numbers?

Busey's routing number is 071102568.

To keep your personal information secure, there are a few ways you can look up your account number:

  • Log in to eBank, select your account, then look under the Account Details section to locate the account number. Any leading zeros can be removed.
  • Account numbers are also listed on statements.
  • Look along the bottom of your checks. Your account number is the second set of numbers.
  • Visit your local service center to request account information.

I’m running out of checks, or need to update my routing number/check details. How can I get more?

You can reorder checks in a few ways:

  • From the Busey eBank Dashboard, choose the desired account and click on "Order Checks" from the tile menu.
  • Call or visit your local service center and we would be happy to place an order for you.

Can I stop a transaction on my account?

Is this a debit card transaction? Stop Pay services are not available for debit card transactions. Reach out to the merchant directly to discuss a return/credit of the transaction.

Is this a check payment? You can enter a Stop Pay directly within Busey eBank while the check is pending by following the directions below.
  • From the Dashboard, click on your Account
  • Click the option for Stop Payments
  • Please note, stop payment requests are in place for six months and a $35 fee is assessed at the time of the request.
Is this an electronic payment? Call or visit a Busey service center directly to place a Stop Payment on the transaction.

Can you provide any additional information on a specific transaction?
Busey does not receive an itemized receipt or a listing of goods/services received with the transaction. Those questions must be answered by the merchant. If you’re not familiar with the merchant name, try performing a Google search of the name as it appears in the transaction description.

Most of the information is provided in the transaction description. Busey may be able to provide additional details around the date/time on debit card transactions.

Still don’t recognize the transaction? Contact Busey directly for additional assistance.

Can I get foreign currency in the service center?

Busey no longer offers foreign currency in branches.

If you are traveling abroad, another great option is to use your Busey Debit Mastercard® to withdraw foreign currency from ATMs abroad. To ensure access to your funds, please visit your local service center to make arrangements or submit the travel form within Busey eBank. Please see our Debit Card FAQ section for instructions on how to submit the travel form within eBank.

Safe travels!

Are there any fees associated with my account?

Please view the Personal Account Disclosure for information on all fees related to specific account types.

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