eBank FAQs

How do I sign up for Busey eBank? 

To register for Busey eBank:

  • Visit busey.com
  • Under "Choose Your Login" click "New User"
  • Complete the registration form. Please note, incomplete forms will be declined
  • Accept the eBank customer agreement

I am not able to login to my account.

Follow the steps below to reset your Password:

  1. Access the full Busey website at busey.com
  2. In the login box, click the link for Forgot Password
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your Password

Can I view my full account and routing number through eBank? 

Yes. From the dashboard, click your account, then look under the Account Details section. Your full account and routing number will be listed there. For Busey mobile users, the Details box will display at the bottom of the screen.

Can I enroll to receive text notifications for my account?

Yes you can. Follow these instructions to enroll in Alerts:
  • From the eBank Dashboard, click on your account
  • Click the option for Alert Preferences. Users have the option to create different Balance and Transaction alerts that can be delivered by text, email or through an in-app message.

Am I able to block certain types of debit card transactions through eBank?

Yes you can.
  • Select your debit card from the Card Management section on your Dashboard.
  • Once the debit card details are up, you will then select Alerts and protection.
  • From there, you can block transactions by location, merchant types and transaction types. You are also able to set up alerts and spending limits from this screen.

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