Transfers FAQs

Is there a cutoff time for external transfers to be part of today’s transactions?

Transfers must be processed before 5:00pm CST to be included with today’s transactions.

Am I able to transfer between my Checking/Savings account to my Loan account and make a Principal Only payment?

When entering your transfer, click on the More Options link to access the Type field where you can choose between Regular or Principal payment.

Am I able to transfer between my Busey accounts and my accounts at a different bank?

Yes. With External Transfers you can transfer between your Busey account and your account at a different bank. Eligible accounts include checking, savings and money market.

To get started:
  • Choose Transfers from the eBank navigation menu (on the left side of the screen)
  • Once in the Transfers menu, select “+External Account”
  • You will then add your external account name, routing number, account number and account type.
  • In 1-3 business days you will receive two trial deposits.

How do I validate my trial deposits?

  • From the eBank Dashboard, click on your name in the lower left corner
  • Then click on Settings in the menu that appears
  • On the Settings screen, click on External Transfers
  • Next to your external account will be two fields to enter the trial deposits.

Is there a limit to what I can transfer using External Transfers?

The transfer limit when using External Transfer is $2,000 per day when transferring into your Busey account. Please contact Busey directly to review your account to determine if you qualify for an external transfer limit increase and for performing outbound transfers.

Are there limits to what I can transfer between my Busey accounts?

Your transfer is limited to your Available Balance in your account.

When will my external transfer be available? 

Incoming external transfers are available in three business days. Outgoing external transfers are available within 1-3 business days.

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