Disclosures FAQs

  • Why is my account being updated?
    We are implementing these updates because Busey is committed to improving offerings to meet our customer’s banking needs. One way we are improving is by removing many of the fees we have historically charged to provide a better banking experience for many of our customers.
  • What is being updated on my account?
    Many of the updates to your account are service fee related. Most of the updates involve the reduction or removal of a service fee, but some service fees are increasing. Fee changes are noted below, but please review the disclosures for a full list of changes.

Service Fees being eliminated Price Change
Escheated Funds Fee $75 to $0
Returned Mail Fee $2 to $0
Preauthorized Transfer to Prevent Overdraft Fee $10 to $0
SAV Excess Withdrawal Fee $10 to $0
Overdraft Returned Item Fee $35 to $0
Dormant Account Fee $5 to $0
IRA Transfer Withdrawal $50 to $0
Foundation DDA Maintenance Fee $5 to $0
Early Account Closing Fee (<90 days opened) $25 to $0

Service Fees being added/increased Price Change
Express Delivery Card Fee $35 to $45
ATM Foreign Transaction Fee $1 to $3
Paper Statement Fee* $2 to $4
Stop Payment Fee** $35 fee added
*Not applicable to Bridge Checking or Bridge Savings, which will maintain a $2 Paper Statement Fee. Waived for Pillar Banking.
**The Stop Payment Fee is being amended to include recurring debit card charges.

Additional changes:
Certificate of Deposits Early Withdrawal Change
CD Early Withdrawal Penalty
Fee based on CD Principal Amount changing to:
  • If the term of the CD is 12 months or less, the early withdrawal penalty is 6 months of interest, but not more than the total amount of interest earned during the current term of the CD
  • If the term of the CD is greater than 12 months, the early withdrawal penalty is 12 months of interest, but not more than the total amount of interest earned during the current term of the CD
  • Transferring of interest and partial withdrawals outside of the grace period may not be allowed.
Funds Availability
New Account Hold Change
New Account Holds
In most cases, on-us checks deposited into New Accounts will not be available on the first business day after deposit.

  • When will the update occur?
    Changes are effective May 1, 2024.
  • What actions do I need to take?
    We recommend you carefully review the fee changes and disclosure updates. We offer a variety of product options, and our team is happy to work with you to find the right accounts and services for your needs. Reach out to your banker or call Customer Care for personalized account review.
View the full list of disclosures at busey.com/disclosures.

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