Skip the line with Mobile Deposit.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks whenever and wherever it's convenient for you using the Busey - Mobile app for iPhone® and Android™ devices.

It's as easy as sign, snap and send!

  • Log in to the Busey - Mobile app
  • In the "Deposit check" portion of the dashboard, select "Make a deposit"
  • Enter the check amount and select "Continue"
  • Choose the desired account 
  • Snap a few pictures of the check
  • Click "Deposit Check"

Important Information Regarding Mobile Deposit

  • Busey Mobile Deposit offers the convenience of depositing checks on your schedule. Please review the information below to ensure your Mobile Deposit experience is successful.
  • Funds may not be immediately available.
  • Above or below the endorsement on the back of the check, write “for mobile deposit.” Failing to include this information may cause your deposit to be rejected.
  • If you enter the deposit amount incorrectly, tap the back button to return to Step One and re-enter the amount. You do not need to re-capture the images.
  • The photograph will be automatically cropped and converted to black and white.
  • Tap the ‘email me the conf. #’ button to receive an email confirmation of the deposit.
  • You may wish to close out all applications running in the background. Applications running in the background use device memory, which may interfere with the app, or cause your request to time out.

For more information, check out the Mobile Deposit FAQs and Tips for Avoiding Image Errors with Mobile Deposit.