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“Mark Twain said, ‘A banker is someone who lends you his umbrella when the sun is out, but wants it returned when it begins to rain.’ But the bankers at Busey don’t mess with umbrellas. They mobilize heavy equipment and assemble precision strike force teams to ensure the SBA loan program works for their customer. That’s exactly what they did for us.

“Almost all bankers know their way around a balance sheet and income statements, but Busey bankers are first and foremost focused on people. As a customer, we’re exceedingly appreciative of this.”

Andrew Lombardo, Midwest Property Management CEO, Jacksonville, IL

Busey—your partner for today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams.

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When the owner of a Missouri-based food flavorings manufacturing business needed assistance with a partner buyout, they reached out to Busey for help. Our SBA lending specialists listened closely and worked side-by-side with the owner to find the right solution for them.
When a fifth-generation Florida-based maritime business needed to refinance, Busey’s SBA lending specialists were there to help to meet their unique needs. Thanks to a streamlined process, the owners could focus on what they do best—growing their business.
When a Northwest Chicagoland cleaning service was looking to complete a business acquisition, they called on Busey for assistance. Using the trusted expertise of our team of SBA lending specialists, the company discovered a solution to their financial needs.
A full-service design and print company needed assistance purchasing a business and real estate in Florida. Like Busey’s SBA lending specialists, the company’s designers work side-by-side with their clients to meet their specific needs. With the help of our streamlined process, the owners didn’t skip a beat and could continue focusing on what they do best—growing their business.
When a law firm that focuses on immigration and nationality was contemplating a business expansion, they called on Busey’s SBA team to service their needs.
When a Florida insurance firm was considering expanding their business, Busey’s SBA team worked alongside them to make their dreams come true.
An Illinois-based financial services firm wanted to expand by acquiring an investment advisory practice. Under the guidance of Busey’s trusted SBA lending specialists, the owner secured the purchase—further growing their business.
A group of highly specialized and experienced licensed psychologists serving the Indianapolis, IN, area needed to purchase real estate. Busey’s SBA team of lending specialists was able to help and successfully secure the deal.
A chiropractor with over two decades of experience worked with Busey’s SBA lending specialists to secure the purchase of commercial property for the business. The result? He moved from New York to Florida and his business has thrived.
A dog daycare franchise—offering short-term and long-term boarding and spa services—was looking to expand in northwest Illinois. They contacted Busey’s experience team of SBA lending specialists to assist with their growth plans.